Support for doctoral level students fleeing from Ukraine

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Finnish National Agency for Education has opened an EDUFI Fellowship for doctoral students from Ukraine call for applications for doctoral students currently fleeing the war in Ukraine.  

The programme is part of a wider national level action plan launched to support Ukrainian higher education students and researchers. In the framework of this action plan, the Ministry for Education and Culture as well as Finnish higher education institutions and research institutes have opened up more opportunities for students and researchers fleeing from Ukraine.

The programme provides doctoral level students coming from Ukraine the opportunity to continue their academic work in Finland. This also supports the academic community and higher education system in Ukraine.

In the framework of this call for applications, scholarships are provided for an estimated 20 doctoral students for a 12-month scholarship period at a Finnish university. In accordance with the criteria for temporary protection, the programme is open for both Ukrainian citizens and international students who have fled from Ukraine and cannot return to their country of origin. During the scholarship period at a Finnish host university, the doctoral studies can be completed to either Finland or Ukraine. The programme is open to all disciplines. The funding is applied for by the Finnish university.

The implementation of the programme will utilize the expertise of the Finnish higher education community and good practices already accumulated in supporting higher education in crisis areas. EDUFI has been closely cooperating with higher education institutions in the framework of Scholar Rescue Fund programme and in the national section of the Scholars at Risk network. The programme now established also continues the approaches of the existing EDUFI Fellowship programme, which offers scholarships for postgraduate studies.

Further information at EDUFI:

Counsellor of education Maija Airas

Senior Programme Adviser Sini Piippo