Share your experience on supporting Ukrainian refugees in the adult learning sector

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Kaksi iloista ihmistä.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine has continued soon one year leaving nearly eight million people to flee the war in their home country. Tens of thousands of refugees have since entered Finland to escape the aggression.

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) has put together an information and guidance site with support and information about learning opportunities for minors fleeing from Ukraine. In early 2023, similar information will be assembled to support Ukrainian adult refugees. The site provides information for both education providers and to Ukrainian individuals directly.

Share your experience and good practices on supporting adults fleeing from Ukraine and their access to adult learning opportunities!

In addition to the updating information material, EDUFI Internationalisation Services for Adult Education invites educators, trainers, guidance councellors and education providers to share their experiences and good practices on enabling Ukrainian adult refugees to enter adult learning in Finland.

These practices can be local or created in a smaller learning structure (e.g. a course, a training, integration support). Stories about challenges and questions are encouraged beside local solutions to arranging adult learning activities for Ukrainian refugees in the current authority structure. Participating in the collection of good practices enables local solutions to spread in European cooperation and furthers the impact of support given to Ukrainians in the adult learning sector.

The submitted experiences and good practices are published on the EDUFI website along with the updating information and guidance material, and disseminated further via EPALE. It is possible to leave one's contact information on the data collection form for giving a more detailed interview on the topic.

Participate in collecting experiences and good practices to support Ukrainians in the adult learning sector by filling the form below by Tuesday 28th February 2023. The submitter can be an invidual educator or guidance staff member (with contact details for an official representant of the organisation), an education provider or an authority figure.

The data collection form opens here (available only in Finnish and Swedish).