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Building resilience – in support of democracy education

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Cover: Building resilience – in support of democracy education

Building resilience – in support of democracy education
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Finnish people’s views tend to be increasingly polarised. The media bombards children and young people with information on controversial issues on a daily basis. In social media, issues are often presented in an exaggerated, biased or even misleading manner. Strong media literacy is part of resilience, which refers to elasticity and an ability to cope with and adapt to unexpected situations. Resilience protects children and young people from being drawn towards extremist movements. Education and early childhood education and care build a value base that respects fundamental rights and provides skills, enthusiasm and a good model for active citizenship.

Building Resilience contains expert articles and shares the experiences and ideas of schools involved in the joint Nordic DEMBRA project on developing democracy competence. It explains how the school can build resilience and strengthen democracy skills.

This publication continues the efforts which started with the publication Constructive interaction and which aim to support the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Violent Radicalisation and Extremism in the education sector. As a new perspective, this publication also addresses early childhood education and care.

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