Finnish higher education institutions prominently represented in the Erasmus+ European Universities application round

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The European Commission has announced the results of the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities application round. A total of 11 Finnish higher education institutions are involved in the selected 30 alliances.
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A record 402.2 million euros in funding was awarded in the 2023 European Universities application round. Support was granted to 23 alliances continuing their cooperation and seven new alliances. The funding granted to an individual alliance is a maximum of 14.4 million euros for four years.  

With the application results of 2023, the number of European Universities alliances will increase to 50. The alliances represent a total of 430 higher education institutions from 35 countries. The initiative includes institutions from EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. 

Finnish higher education institutions prominently represented  

The application round was a success for Finnish higher education institutions. Finnish higher education institutions are involved in 11 alliances that received funding in the 2023 application round.

With the two application rounds of the ongoing Erasmus+ programme period (2021-2027), Finnish higher education institutions are involved in a total of 19 alliances. 12 of Finland's 13 universities and 7 of 24 universities of applied sciences are involved in the initiative. This can be seen as a very comprehensive representation in alliances at both the Finnish and European level. A wide cross-section of higher education institutions from different parts of Finland guarantees an active role and a valuable vantage point for the pioneering development work of higher education. Director Jonna Korhonen from the Ministry of Education and Culture welcomes the participation of Finnish higher education institutions in deepening European higher education cooperation. "The success of Finnish higher education institutions is gratifying. High-quality higher education is vital for Europe's competitiveness, sustainable growth, and prosperity. By combining their strengths and bringing know-how together, European universities can be more than just the sum of their parts," says Korhonen.  

All six Finnish higher education institutions that received funding in 2020 managed to secure further funding in the 2023 application round. In addition to this, two Finnish higher education institutions (JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Svenska handelshögskolan Hanken) have joined previously funded alliances that now received further funding. 

In the 2023 application round, funding was awarded to seven new alliances, three of which involve a Finnish higher education institution (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and University of the Arts Helsinki). In this round of applications, an alliance coordinated by a Finnish higher education institution was funded for the first time. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences coordinates the UREKA SHIFT alliance. Innovation Director Mona Roman, who was the coordinator of the application, commented on the successful application as follows: "Above all, we expect from the initiative a significant consolidation of European cooperation so that it becomes an integral part of the everyday activities of Metropolia's students, lecturers, researchers, administrative staff and partners". 

Finnish higher education institutions are included in the following alliances funded in 2023: 

  • EC2U: European Campus of City-Universities, University of Turku  
  • ENGAGE.EU: The European University Engaged in Societal Change, a new Finnish member Svenska handelshögskolan Hanken
  • NEW! EULiST: European Universities Linking Society and Technology, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT
  • EUNICE - European University for Customised Education, University of Vaasa  
  • E3UDRES2, Engaged and Entrepreneurial European University as Driver for European Smart and Sustainable Regions, a new Finnish member JAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • INVEST: INnoVations of REgional Sustainability: European UniversiTy Alliance, Karelia University of Applied Sciences 
  • NEW! IN.TUNE: Innovative Universities in Music & Arts in Europe, University of the Arts Helsinki  
  • RUN-EU: Regional University Network – European University, Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)
  • ULYSSEUS: Ulysseus European University, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences  
  • UNIC: The European University of Cities in PostIndustrial Transition, University of Oulu 
  • NEW! UREKA SHIFT: Urban Research and Education Knowledge Alliance, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (coordinator)  

European universities enable innovative and in-depth cooperation across borders   

The aim of the Erasmus+ European Universities alliances is to build future higher education and promote European values and identity. 

The higher education institutions of the alliances together look for new ways for long-term structural, sustainable and systematic cooperation in education, research and innovation activities. The cooperation in the alliances is deep and covers the entire educational institution. One higher education institution can therefore participate in only one alliance.  

The European Universities initiative is a key part of building a European education area by 2025. In the European Strategy for Universities, the aim is to reach 60 European University alliances by 2024. The activities of these alliances would include more than 500 higher education institutions. To implement this goal, the Commission has set aside 1.1 billion euros in the Erasmus+ programme for the years 2021-2027. 

The next European Universities call for applications will be published in autumn 2023. The call for applications applies to the 2024 application round, when the implementation of new alliances will be financed.