Renewed register of authorised translators helps to find a translator for different situations

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The Finnish National Agency for Education maintains a register of authorised translators. The register has now been renewed, enabling the authorised translator and the customer looking for a translator to meet even more seamlessly. The customer can use the search engine of the register to find a suitable translator and contact the translator directly by submitting a contact form.

The renewal of the register was carried out in 2022, the 15th anniversary of the entry into force of the current examination system of authorised translators. The register, which is available in three languages, meets the needs of customers and the registered authorised translators even better by making direct contact possible between the customer and the translator.

2056 authorised translators in 92 language pairs

An authorised translator works in a self-employed capacity, making legally valid translations of different documents in the language pair for which the translator has been authorised. For example, in the language pair EnglishFinnish, an authorised translator has the right to draw up translations of English-language documents into Finnish. One of the languages in the language pair is always one of the official languages of Finland (Finnish, Swedish or one of the Sámi languages).

The register of authorised translators currently has 2056 translators in 92 language pairs. For example, there are currently four translators for the language pair UkrainianFinnish. Many translators are authorised in more than one language pair and new language pairs are recorded in the register almost every year. The latest new language pairs are FinnishKurdish (Sorani and Kurmanji) and FinnishSlovene.

15th anniversary of the examination system of authorised translators

The right to work as an authorised translator can be achieved through three different pathways: by passing the examination for authorised translators, by completing the higher education studies of translators or through the right to work as an official translator. The examination for authorised translators is administrated at the Finnish National Agency for Education. The Examination Board of Authorised Translators, which operates in conjunction with the Agency, grants the right to practise as an authorised translator upon application.

The year 2022 was the 15th anniversary of the examination for authorised translators. Every year, between 50100 participants take the examination in 2540 different languages. The passing rate of the examination has varied between 13% and 25%.

The operation of the examination system of authorised translators is the responsibility of Counsellor of Education Terhi Seinä, who is the secretary of the Examination Board, and Special Programme Advisor Saara Kalajoki