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Young people, values and EU

Welcome to the EU Youth Strategy!

You are looking at a set of methods that will unlock the EU Youth Strategy for you to use in different situations and with different target groups.

Youthful methods for discussing values and strategies

The “Young people, values and EU” set gives you

  • a comprehensive picture of the EU Youth Strategy for 2019–2027
  • a chance to look at your own values in relation to the youth goals
  • tools to examine the work you do in your organisation in relation to the EU Youth Strategy.

The set consists of three parts that can be completed in teams:

  • posters that will help you learn about the 11 youth values or youth goals of the EU Youth Strategy
  • exercises that will help you test how the youth values work in your own lives, organisations and in the society as a whole
  • game characters that allow you to hear young people’s voices and to identify with the lives, dreams and challenges of different young people and to help them progress in their lives. 

How to use the young people, values and EU set

The methods can be used both among adults and with young people. With young people, you can address the topic, for example, within youth work, during social studies lessons or perhaps as a part of an international youth exchange.

It is also a great idea to use the methods for staff development or planning days, in-service training within youth and education sectors and in network meetings.

With the methods, you can initiate discussions about values or examine how the strategies and practices of your own organisation relate to what young people in Europe think. Are your activities in line with the EU Youth Strategy? Are the goals reflected in concrete practices in your everyday work? How about in the Finnish society?

To go through all parts of the set will take approximately 90 minutes, but you can adapt and adopt it to suit your individual needs. One of you can act as the facilitator and others can have fun taking part. You will find all the information and materials needed and detailed guidance for the facilitator and participants on these pages.

Creators were young people

The set of methods has been created together with young people from a theatre workshop from the City of Lahti. We wanted to hear what young people think about the EU Youth Strategy. How would they make its values and goals visible?

Now it’s your turn! Participate and reflect on what the European youth values mean to you, your organisation and within your work community.

What thoughts does the EU Youth Strategy provoke? Join the conversation!

The EU Youth Strategy is based on the youth goals collected from European youth during the EU Youth Dialogue between 2017–2019.

We hope that you will tell us what thoughts and feelings the EU Youth Strategy and this set of methods provoke? Please use the following hashtags when you join the conversation on social media:

#EUYouthStrategy and #EUYouthGoals.

Further information and feedback

Do you need help with the methods, or would you like to give feedback on the Young people, values and EU set?

Contact: Jutta Kivimäki