TFK 2023, Team Finland Knowledge programme

19.1.2023 – 2.5.2023 klo 16:15
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• The project responds to an educational need that has broader significance in regard to cooperation between the countries, and the project provides clear additional value in relation to prior initiatives.
• The planned activities are relevant to the participating higher education institutions.
• The project composition is well justified and the responsibilities, roles and tasks of the involved higher education institutions are clearly described.
• The participating higher education institutions have an institutional commitment to and interest in the activities, they participate e.g. in the costs by allocating their own funding in the project.
• The activities are realistically planned, clearly described and appropriately spread over the project period. The project describes clearly how the planned activities will be covered by the applied funding.
• Quality aspects are taken into account in the activities and the progress/successes, etc. of the project are monitored.
• The operating plan acknowledges the risk factors associated with the realisation of the project and includes contingency plans for them.
• The project does not remain a one-off, but is integrated into the normal operation of the higher education institutions.
• The following are also taken into account in projects involving student mobility: The project’s partnerships and the number of mobilities applied for are proportional to the number of participating higher education institutions and the realisation plans of the mobilities are realistic. The support services for marketing, preparation, implementation and follow-up of the applied mobility activities are in place. There are processes in place for recognising the participating students’ learning outcomes (such as ECTS and other mechanisms).
• The expected results are concretely and realistically described and will remain a part of the higher education institutions’ operations after the project period.
• The impact of the planned activities is described from the perspective of the participants and organisations in Finland and the target countries.
• The activities/results of the project support the internationalisation of the students and staff of the participating higher education institutions beyond the persons/parties participating in the projects.
• The project has operating methods in place for communicating about the activities and results of the project period.

The 2023 Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) programme's official call for applications is now open. The purpose of the Team Finland Knowledge programme is to create and strengthen cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions and the target regions and countries selected to the TFK network, and to design new operating models for cooperation. The programme funds educational cooperation between higher education institutions through cooperation and mobility projects. 

In 2023, the TFK programme will finance cooperation with Southern Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and India. Projects funded in the Call 2021 and Call 2022 cannot be funded in the Call 2023. A higher education institution can submit as many applications as it wants in the application round, but a maximum of two projects from the same HEI can be funded for cooperation with one target country or region. Granted funding can be used during the period of 1 August 2023 – 31 December 2025. The maximum support a single project can receive is €80,000. 

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