User’s Month provided information for development of Europass

In October Europass celebrated the User’s Month. The aim of the month was to highlight user experience and get new information. A user survey was distributed in Europass’ social media channels and people across Europe were able to contribute. The survey was based on earlier user feedback.

We didn’t get as many responses as we would have wanted to, but we did get surprisingly many and detailed development ideas and feedback. They provide invaluable information for further development of Europass and help us improve our communication without users.

Survey results are here! 46% Making the Europass Cv was easy! 40% The finished CV looked good.

46% of the responded that creating Europass-CV was easy. 40% thought that CV looked good. There is also a need for improvements because 37% responded that CV is ok, but it needs more development. Respondents also requested for more CV-templates. The old Europass-CV template has gained popularity and respondents wished it could still be one of the CV options available. Also in individual feedback users have asked to get the old template back.

The usage of Europass profile is easy for the respondents. People like the profile and it is described as a modern tool. Respondents recognized a need for development in the profile. EU-login was mentioned as a difficult procedure, which weakens the user experience.

In the survey there was a section for open feedback. Respondents suggested taking into account older users and people with average digital skills. Adjustments and clarifying of the user paths and instructions are needed. The Europass portal was identified to have potential but it should be recognized more widely. Respondents were happy to have an opportunity to tell their experience and opinions about Europass.

The survey answers will be utilized in the future. You can find information and a Contact us -page in the Europass-portal. There you can always send queries and feedback for the technical team of Europass. Every development idea is important to us!

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